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To previsualise a video, a series of illustrations are displayed-it is called storyboard. The idea was first developed by Walt Disney in 1930s.The idea initially was that scenes were drawn on separate sheets and then displayed in a series on bulletin board to tell a story. Earlier the idea was used to display animated cartoons.

A storyboard provides visual layout before shooting of any scene of film so that the potential problems can be found out.Some directors of films use storyboards to raise funds from investors so that they can show them where their money will be used. Storyboards are also used for publicity purpose too. In animations, storyboards are used extensively.

Storyboard is used for learning through interactive events but it kills or prevents social interaction between learner and expert. Its benefit is that the designer can change the sequences before shooting of the video.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING- Write a proposal first then research about it. After exploring write the script and make a storyboard using images ,audio, video etc. Put all this together make a digital story and share on blog and other sites and takes feedback. An interesting story is developed using multimedia.

In education,  a storytelling of concept will be created. Fancy transitions and digital media and effects do not make the story good. Digital story reflects the ideas/themes to which a student is passionate about. Personal stories  can be digitalized but must have some connection with education. Student should spend more time on story than on digital. In class, technology should not overpower storytelling.

STORY CIRCLE- After drafting the script initially, students should criticise it and take suggestions to improve the draft to final script. Personal stories of very particular  and attractive time are taken to write the script.

FEEDBACK should not be given  in disrespectful manner and always try to take the story as your own. Be receptive when suggestions are given in feedback.

For any topic, problems and solutions should be formulated to make the script challenging. The script should always be demanding the questions. A storyboard is created before actual work that include digital story and it can use different multimedia. Its really  creative to arrange the media in a sequence before they appear in video or image. Storyboard helps to divide the script and then get a clearer view of story.


Creative commons license change someone’s copyright terms from all rights reserved to some rights reserved. Creative commons works to increase the amount of  creativity available for individual. CC license work globally according to most suitable modifications of copyright terms. It is totally free and won’t clearly allow people to do anything with your creativity. If someone wants that others share, use his creative work then it should be published under creative commons license.

Creative commons gives flexibility to the people who share or use others creative work. CC license creativity give free and legal use of someone’s creative work. Many academic and non- academic things can be used under CC license. Anyone can use CC license to take free and legal advantage of creative work.

Creative commons is not an alternative for copyright. CC means some rights reserved copyright.

Many public & private foundations and network fund for CC. It is recognised globally by content sites, search engines like google etc. It is applied globally and also effective in any jurisdiction. It makes quick and easy content creator to make user happy. CC is easy to understand for creator as well as user. Its easy to find specific CC license material as it has global identity.

All creative commons license require that user of the work attribute the creator, by identifying the creator, co-creator, sponsors, publishers etc. If detail of all parties are unable to provide then provide details of where u have found the work. Also, provide the link of site where you have found original work. If original work is remixed like cropping, changing or replacing colours or words then attribution of original work must be done. Also, attribute in different mediums by changing language, level of details etc. For example by providing name and URL of cc license. Keep track of all the materials in order to attribute.


Only copyright holder have control on his/her original work. So, any creative work is included in copyright. It does not prevent the expression of any fact or idea in your own. But credit is given to the source where you have found that fact/idea. This expression must not be same as some other. It comes under plagiarism under state common law. Copyright, trademark etc. are  different from each other. Trademark deals with use of certain words, marks, symbols etc. Public domain does not mean publically distributed, it means uncopyrighted. Any work can be out of copyright due to various issues & hence, the creative work comes in public domain.

Things that are taken from internet also comes under copyright law. So, do not take anything from internet. After 75 years, in US, copyright work become public domain material. Reconstructing other’s work  does not give copyright over that work. So, create the things by yourself only. Copyright does not grant right to do anything with a creative original work. Characters, drawings etc.  taken from someone’s fiction is also counted on copyright infringements.

Plagiarism not only include word-to-word copy but also close imitation of another’s work. So, its  reflection of own imagination but not rewording of someone’s ideas. Its not only copying other’s ideas but also hiring someone to write for you. Rely on different sources for any information can minimize plagiarism. From the original resource, rework and rework  minimizes plagiarism. In written paper work, references must include. To avoid plagiarism, give credit to the resource to give credit. Any fact or idea can be used for freely but the words expressed should be your own. Some evidences that are collected earlier by own experiment etc. by yourself can be self cited in any paper.


First of all we understand about what is concept. Concept is not a defined thing as an object. This gives knowledge about the different features and key words present in a specific concept. for example, when we say ‘my cat’ then an object-a particular cat comes to our mind but when we say ‘cat’ then the general characters of a cat, its behaviour and habits all come to our mind. The key principle of educating someone begins with what the learner already knows. This is an initial important step in education. Teacher should have to assess the need and existing knowledge of learner in order to make a concept meaningful to the audience.

By concept mapping, we learn how the needs of our learner can be addressed more effectively. So, a concept map can be a tree diagram with branches or it can be like a web diagram with some key points showing relationship with each other through prepositions or through phrases.

Concept making is a visual representation of a concept with the key words coming from a text book, research paper or an individual’s mind. Thats why, concept making enhances meaningful learning by addition of new knowledge to the existing knowledge and hence we can explore more meanings to the key words and increase our knowledge about that concept.



I have choose B.Ed because i always want to be a teacher. Teaching profession fascinates me. CIE is such best institute to persui B.Ed. The situation of education in my region is so poor specially when it comes to teachers and students of science. So, by doing B.Ed from a very good institute, i want to take the education of science in my region at some higher level and also to make students more curious , built more interest in science subject. I also do not want my students to tolerate those difficulties that i bear when i was a student. A teacher is a source of inspiration for many children to be more confident and more passionate about their dreams and interests. So, i want to be such a source for the students.